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Our Story

ChiChi L'amour

ChiChi L'amour is a Houston-based designer accessories brand that embodies timeless elegance, style and sophistication through an array of satin-lined hair wraps, turbans and headbands. ChiChi L’amour, which translates "Chic Love", was born in 2016 out of an admiration of the French, Creole culture and remains an inspiration through each handcrafted collection. 

 Fashion forward statement pieces, beautiful floral designs, vibrant, bold colors, and classic appeal with a modern touch are all staples that make the Chichi L'amour brand what it is today. Our accessories highlight the beauty and individuality of all women and each piece is handmade with love to accentuate the chic style of every woman who rocks it.

Making a bold statement in fashion, but also creating a lasting impact on the community are at the core of ChiChi L’amour’s foundation. Our sister company, Turbans For Survivors (TFS), has a mission to help rebuild the confidence and improve the self-image of women struggling with hair loss caused by cancer, alopecia and other conditions. This is accomplished by providing our designer headpieces to these women to help them feel empowered and beautiful despite their hair loss!

Teshia Noel is the head designer and founder of ChiChi L’amour and as she continues to develop her brand, designing one of a kind, statement headpieces she is always open to collaborations.  Please get in touch if you'd like to commission or collaborate with Chichi L'amour.


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