Turbans For Survivors

Wrapping Women Warriors In Support And Self-Love

Turbans for Survivors is a charitable giving program designed for women and girls struggling with the sense of self-consciousness that often accompanies hair loss due to symptoms and/or treatment of chronic illnesses such as alopecia, cancer and nutritional deficiencies.

ChiChi L'amour has a dedicated mission, led by the personal passion of its founder Teshia Noel, to helping improve the quality of life for these Survivors through the gift of style, support and self-love.

For each product sold, ChiChi L'amour will donate 5% of its net proceeds towards Turbans for Survivors. Updates on donation deliveries and individual survivor stories will be published regularly through our social media pages.

To submit your story and request a dedicated donation piece, please fill out the confidential form below. All applicants to the Turbans For Survivors program will receive notification of their receipt request by email within 2-4 weeks.

Turbans For Survivors - Donation Request Form

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